Small Cells Specialist

End to end 4G and 5G small cells selection, provisioning and deployment

We provide network operator/asset provider/OEM coordination, process automation, bespoke tools, regulatory expertise, radio product expertise

History was spun out from our sister company Oriel Labs in response to
  • New market opportunities being created by 5G
  • Emerging analytics and learning technologies enabling process automation and solution delivery that will transform and replace existing solutions

Recent Achievements

  • Initiated, designed and built a machine based software test automation system, deployed by one of our clients to save millions of ┬ús
  • Initiated, designed, built and maintained several analytics and process automation systems used by thousands of users across several global sites daily
  • Provided design input on every mobile telephony radio Ericsson has produced since 1995
  • Some of the advanced process automation methodologies we have developed are available in an IEEE white paper
Some of these achievements are through our sister company Oriel Labs, with the same staff and similar business drivers

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